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RQP :: Eminem vs Machine Gun Kelly vs Eminmen Vs…

Remember: This is a RQP - I've just quickly written it down to point something out online elsewhere.

in today's edition of Really Quick Post, here is a series of diss-tracks back 'n forth between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly.

I'm going to link to lyrical youtube links so you can make out the words should they be the first time you heard them.

Round One: Rap God - Em

This isn't really an attack on anyone, more of a boast, but seems to be the boast that started it off. Machine Gun Kelly, more of a standard day to day track that Machi.... MGK & Emin... as Em - I CBA to write his full name anymore. This was more of a track to sound good - which it does.

A high tune track filled with tons of symalies and looking back on Eminem's Career and how he's "still got it" even though it's been ages (at the time of writing the song) since he had done anything; whilst going through his rehap career. He goes through all the people who grew to fame with, along with those who backed him at the start of the career

Round Two: Rap Devil - MGK

A lot of this track sounds good at first, but then when you think about all the contradictions, it shows how sometimes a beat and a lyric needs some backing if you want to turn it into a 'dis.

MGK here replies to how Eminem apparently got upset because of a tweet MGK made back o '12. There is a lot of references throughout Eminem's music back 'n forth. Naturally there shots against Em's daughter Haily. To be honest, there are so many contradictions. So many "you're my hero" but "You're a has-been".

Round Three: Killshot by 'em

So quick how these songs are coming out, like, every few weeks between them - which is good going, you can't just run in the booth and pull out a track with a video; you got to analyis and research when penning a verse.

There are more songs to it.

In fact, he goes after every who Mumble Wraps (quite rightly, I got some heat by pointing out how it's terrible a few year ago, but young articulate men telling a story don't need to mumble "Gucci, Versace, Bad Babouji" into an auto tune - that's not hip-hop.

Who won? It's not over, but everyone has more views & hits - which means more money around... so we're all winners.

But srs, only reason Em' doesn't make a few calls and destroys MGK's career - is because then they'll be 2, 4, 8, 16 MKGs lining up next.

Written by: Paul

AKA: Pauly PP Pops Gonz Double Pee P4ulypops

I’m into Food, Tech & Dogs – and a few others bits ‘n pieces.

I create bits of the internet; just like the one, you’re watching – or watching; depending if this is a video or not.

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