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The brand spanking new Chase Farm Hospital

When they said they were going to re-do the Chase Farm hospital, there was a lot of upheavel - from me and many others - about how the A&E was being downgraded to some sort of Emergency Room and then a few months later onto nothing.

This meant that there was no local A&E for those who live around the hospital, There was Barnet General & North Mid - all of them can easily take 45 minuies in traffic to get to. There was lots of protesting, and then it went down to "But they're knocking down the epic building of The Clock Tower" - which has some amazing archetcture. 

Next lot of upheavil was that they were going to sell off a load of the land for a new School, supermarket and 'affordable' (to whome?) housing. They seem to still be doing that, so i'll reserve comment, but the area does need homes and facilities.

But then, with all this selling off of land and contracts....

How would I describe it?

What do we get? A magnificent but it of modern architecture - it's slightly cold but also seems very manageable. It's very Airport like, with all the "Zone E" and "McMillian Ward"

Me; Pauly

So what would you do different?

I would colour code different sections, such as "Go to Green and ask for reception" rather than "Go to Zone E" which feels so cold. They can use subtle colouring, along with markers on the floor in the colours - to help direct users to sections. 

I'm thinking on the floor having lines of Green, Yellow, Red - and then in the area having accented highlight in those colours - such as lights under the desks, or pastel signs dotted around.

What do you think of the place?

The equipment is second to none; there is no doubt about that. Even the gizmo that mesures my height and weight, is voice controlled so there is no asking afterwards what it was whilst the Nuse writes in the book. I'm supprised it isn't connected to their computer sysem.

So let's see it for myself then; we know you took snaps; you're attached to your phone like sushi to rice... also I want to see your black and white shoes that now have red laces and how cool that looks.

A few points

I thought we were broke, that's why we had the Austerity thing. So how can we afford such an expensive hospital. Or if we're not broke; great ! Fabulous news - so let's end austerity.

I also hope that we still have enough staff - there is going to be massive shortage of Nurses and Doctors - esspeically after Brexit - the NHS is practically run on non-british staff. 95% of them I would marry in an instant - should they have me; they are the kindest most beutiful people they are.

OK, what the...?

This is a weird one, but when I went there, I asked some random person where I needed to go, and she goes "Where's your mum and dog?", she knew who I was. Then I went to another women who knew me too when I got lost again, asked me where my mum and dog was. They seemed to all know me there. I get chatting to eveyone and anyone when I'm walking around - cracking jokes in the lifts and all that. Plus I guess maybe I sometimes dress like a childhood TV Star so maybe that was it? I donno. It's just weird that people reocoginised me in a building i've never really been to before.

But seriously, the red shoe laces?

I bought a bunch of shoe laces online as SOMEONE (no names, but has 4 legs) has an invested interest in items that contian my sweet stench scent. I went for a whole range of shoelaces ones because; well because life is too short to wear borring shoes.... but reply to this with what you think of them, and what colour matches/combinations I should use next.

Written by: Paul

AKA: Pauly PP Pops Gonz Double Pee P4ulypops

I’m into Food, Tech & Dogs – and a few others bits ‘n pieces.

I create bits of the internet; just like the one, you’re watching – or watching; depending if this is a video or not.

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