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Sir Bop-alot :: Nuk’s favoritest toy yet.

I've gone through my fair share of 'dog toys' in the past, some are great fun, some not so - most eventually fall apart and ended up in that toybox in the sky... However, i've come across the most awesome dog toy yet, he Kong Squiggles.

Basiclly this big nosed fury donkey slash dragon thing has two ears, a bit nose, a cute head/face, ears etc - but where it gets Awesomeness is the body is kind of spring followed by a ball at the end. One of the ends has a squeeker - it might be both.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing 'Off' whilst being boppidy-bopped on the nose. It was muchos-funos; A^^^ Will bop again.

Nuchus Silver; First in his name.

I've called Nux's one Sir Bop-alot, because when you're playing tug with your pooch & teaching him off, he gets a very playful bop on his nose- and that's what the internet is obsessed with; right? Bopping duggoh bops.

You can almost taste what's going to happen here. You can see it in you mind's visual gross-income of OMG THATS CUTE'ness.

All in all, this is worth ∞ Bops out of UNLIMITED BopPopDeeDobs.

I'm also a big fan of the Alot; a wonderful creature created by Alie Broshe; and this looks like a colourful Alot.

And here are a few more DogBopPis.

Written by: Paul

AKA: Pauly PP Pops Gonz Double Pee P4ulypops

I’m into Food, Tech & Dogs – and a few others bits ‘n pieces.

I create bits of the internet; just like the one, you’re watching – or watching; depending if this is a video or not.

Please do get in touch if you think I can help 😀

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