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Logitech Keyboards :: Part 3 :: K480 :: “But I Guess”

In my final look into my latest obsession with Logitech Keyboards (at least, until I can borrow a Craft), it's the K480. It's not a terrible keyboard, but there is a lot of "But I guess" is going to be 3 words that sum up my thoughts on this keyboard - it's all "It does{|n't} do it well DotDotDot But I Guess". It compromises after compromise.

It does{|n't} do Z well DotDotDot But I Guess


I guess this one is Semi-Portable. It's too big, bulky and heavy to carray around in your gadget bag; but it's good for being around the house - from the kitchen to a keyboard-capable TV; etc. It feels just as heavy as K780, perhaps even more so - except this one doesn't have a numpad. But I guess this does take up less space if you're using a small desk.

It's about double the height to the K380 & straight, so it doesn't feel nice to rest your hands on - your palms are a good inch lower than your fingers - but I guess if you're standing, it's a bit different. I would say this is fine (not great; but fine) it's good from a top-down position, such as when you're standing. Or when you're laying upright on a sofa.

There is a 3-way dial that allows for you to jump from one Bluetooth device to another - so you could, in theory, use your iPad on the couch whilst typing out some dull Life Stories post at the same time. You also have to hold down an 'I' or 'PC' key to adjust the keyboard from Apple to Not Apple. Why this keyboard needs it but the others don't ? Donno

Most of the keys are Logitech's signature lovely-to-type-on circular keys; The 'Enter' key is about the size of a 'Shift' key though; rather like a mirrored-L shaped key that i'm used too. Unfortunately,  the CTRL + FN keys are the wrong way around too - which means my shortcuts and mussle memory is all wrong. But I guess that could be a localization issue - maybe I accidentally bought on a non-UK QWERTY version?

So as you can see, it has a bit of 'best and worst' scenario of Portable vs Desktop. On one hand you have XYZ, and on the other you have four fingers & a thumb.

Double Pee; 

For me, it's just that it's so gosh darn heavy. It has a little notch on top that is rubberized, which is great for holding up your tablets or mobile - or both - you can fit both on there & sort of make a modern day typewriter. It makes me wish that the device holder on the K780 was rubberized too.

But You can save a good £20 by going for the K380, which would fit fine in your bag without adding much weight or bulk, and that one feels much nicer to type on; and use your tablet's case to hold upright (You are using one; right? Or at least, you have a low excess on your insurance; right?).

Or you can get a desktop keyboard K780 with numpad for £10 more. But then, I don't really use the numpad at all. But feels way nicer - in fact, the K780 is the nicest keyboard I've ever typed on.

What it does do well though

There is a dial at the top that lets you choose between 3 devices to sync to. And if it's used in the correct expectancy, then you'll do alright.

But I guess this kind of turns your Tablet/Phone/TV into a Home Workhorse; but don't expect it to turn your Worhorse at home into a Portable.

... erm, kinda, you get me? 

By that, I mean, you'll be happy whilst on the couch to play around with it - maybe get around to writing your next screenplay and answering that anxiety-inducing email "RE Re: Where's Dave? RE: Boyz n Bantz" email.

Would I buy these

No, I would much rather get the K380, that way I can have a slightly better typing experianse but much better portabilty. I'll lose that sweet tablet stand, but then all my tablets already have stands built into their cases. Or even better is i'd get the K380 for portablity and a K780 for long term typing; such as when I code beutiful websites; such as this one.

And just to make things worst, I spilt some water on these - just a splash - and they feel dead. I'll try some new batteries and maybe Ma' can make use of them. She has the small desk in the above photos.

Some more photos; because I seem to be into 'product photography' at the moment.

Written by: Paul

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