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Nux Meets some M8s

I was down in the amazing Oakhill Park where Nux was having a wagging-tail of a time; and we came across two lovely people that let their dogs play with him.

I'll be honest, I forgot everyone's name, but here are some nice photos to brighten up your day =D

And have a lovely video too - 'cus Dogs are Dogs.

We totally adore Oakhill Park, East Barnet - and the pitch'n'Putt cafe

They do a mean cuppa Joe; and so many ice creams ! Always got a treat for the 4legger. A perfectly civilised way to spend a few hours. My personal fave is the Slush Drink all 3 flavours.

Written by: Paul

AKA: Pauly PP Pops Gonz Double Pee P4ulypops

I’m into Food, Tech & Dogs – and a few others bits ‘n pieces.

I create bits of the internet; just like the one, you’re watching – or watching; depending if this is a video or not.

Please do get in touch if you think I can help 😀

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