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Logitech Keybords :: Part 2 :: K380

This is the first ‘proper’ keyboard in the series. It’s naturally bigger tha than the Keyboards-to-go (it could hardly be smaller), but it has proper Keys, and feels great.

It can connect to up to 3 devices at the same time, with a simple hold-press on the F1/2/3 keys to enter pairing, and then your device’s Bluetooth settings to air that connection click. Then if you need to jump from one device to another, just press that F key to swap over. What’s rather unusual, is that the keys are round shaped. It makes sense, it’s a ah-hah moment, your finger tips are round. This also means, that the keys aren’t all touch each other - you get a bigger gap - which makes for a great typing experience. You can feel the F and J keys easily too, which would be a big fan to touchtypists.

This device isn’t splashproof which has it’s advantages and disadvantages. By not being splashproof, it means you can get more travel on the keyboard (As the splash proof ones are covered in sort of felt/plastic/pleather). It’s far from heavy, but you will notice it in your bag. It’s length is just about longer & not as far depth of that of a 10.5” iPad Pro - of which i’m Typing this blog post now.

With Bluetooth keyboards, one of the things that “ooooh, yeah’, I guess that’s kind of cool”, is that because you no longer have the keyboard on screen, you’ve got far more room to to see what’s going on. At the very bottom of the tablet/iPhone, you’ve still got an autocomplete bar, along with text formatting if available. What’s quite cool is that right now i’m Typing as good as my fingers can go, got 1/2 the screen showing me my Wordpress editor screen (Hashtag Gutenberg FTW), and finally I got 1/2 of the screen showing me eBay/Amazon/etc so I can look up the price.

This won’t fit in anyone’s Handbag/Manbag/etc, but it’ll only _just_ not fit. If you’re the kind to wear a rucksack, backpack, gadget-bag etc - then you’ll be just fine - you won’t notice it. Ones made for 12” laptops should be perfectly fine to shove this into.

This keyboard, unlike the K480, doesn’t have a ‘holder’ for your tablet/phone device - so you’ll have to have a case/stand for your device, to comfortably use. But most cases i’ve Seen have a bit of origami going on so that you can prop up your device. It’s also light, you could happily plonk it in your bag, or put it on your lap to control the telly.

Unlike the Keys-to-go, this one fits on the lap far better. Don’t get me wrong, the other one did, but only just - this one you can easily put on your lap. Hook up one of those 3 Bluetooth profiles to your TV Box-set (well, I’ve only tested it on AppleTV, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work on other smart-boxes that accept smart-keyboards)... and suddenly you’re good to go on typing in passwords

All in all, browsing around eBay, they seem to go for about £25 - and I think it’s a good buy. I’d have loved one of these in my school bag combined with a decent sized iPad (any of the 9.7” ones over the years, doesn’t have to be pro).

All in all, I give this 8*s out of 12.

This all in all, is a great keyboard. I’d happily use this all day every day — and the first in this series that i’d Say that. They ‘Keys-to-go’ series is good for an hour or soo; great in the pocket— but this is the first ‘real’ keyboard. 

What I would have  to give it more stars, is to make it USB charging. It currently takes 2 AAA batteries, and I know it’ll last for ages - over a year - but how much more covenant i would be to be able to just plug it in and change up. I know the ‘Smart Conector’ would turn it into an iDevice only machine, when this would work well on a desktop; and that a USB C wasn’t realistically available when this came out - but a MicroUB calble (maybe one that also auto sync’s) would be super handy. I can see how that might not work for some scenarios thought, such as keeping this a mobile-first device.

Would defiantly Buy again if something happened to it.

Written by: Paul

AKA: Pauly PP Pops Gonz Double Pee P4ulypops

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