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Logitech Keyboards:: Part 4: K780:: Best Desktop Keyboard EVER.

This has to be without a doubt the  best keyboard I've ever use. I know, I know, "it's just a keyboard, innit? You pick them up for £10 at the local hardware store -they're barely computer equipment". Well, if your job is typing all day, that this is the one you want to be typing on.

What's the USP?

Well, to start off, the keys are circular. You'd think that would make this harder, but because of the circular shape the gapes means you can fell the difference between the keys.  Your fingers tips are round too. so why keep them square. 

Along the top o the keyboard is your usual media keys; home screen, music controls, search, etc. Then you got your numbers, then the usual QWERTY. The swich-device keys (more on that later). The shape of the [enter] key and [shit] keys are larger than you'd think It also has a proper number pad - I've not used one of those in years.

OK, but who on earth is this for?

On the back of the keyboard, you've got a little stand for your mobile devices. And with the media keys, you've got connection keys for up to 3 devices. This is super handy for when you want to answer a long-winded text from your ex; asking you "Why did we break up anyway? Please be honest, I need to know". Or when your iPad's slack app comes up with someone asking "Do you think that Jesus could have come form Krypton? If not, why not.", followed by a ton reply of people being WRONG on the INTERNET . Or, very simply, if . you've got a main-desk you use with more than device then this is perfect for you.

All in all, these are my favorite keyboard out of the bunch, it's portable in any shape or storm, but it is a high end keyboard. And you can pick up up a second hand one from eBay for a few less blob.

If I could change things around...

My only wish was for it to use USB instead of A-rated batteries. I get that this is an older model, but it's not _that_ old. The rest of it i'd keep the same

Would you buy it again?

Hells to the yeah', this is 21 out of 21.  This is 100%. This is the best desktop keyboard i've used. It's even over-taken the keyboard on my laptop, the macbook has turned to a desktop whilst I'm in the office. Which is good because for some reason I always mank up the plae Keygpad.

Written by: Paul

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