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Logitech Keyboards :: Part 1 :: Keyboard-to-go :: Perfect Schoolbag Keyboard

OK, I know it sounds crazy that one can be obessed with Keyboards. On the one hand, they're your main input device, they let you tippity-tap-tap any symbol you want, but on the other hand. They're just keyboards innit.

Well, i've found that Logitech have a huge range of wireless keyboards that suit my lifestyle down to a T. Whether i'm at my workstation, or sitting in a cafe - I can touch-type away. I can switch from device-to-device (on most of them), which makes pairing easy. They normally have 3 bluetooth devices to switch too. Some have little stands for my iOS devices. 

Another reason why I love these keyboards, is that on my MacBook, the laptop is so f'cking terrible. I adore the TouchBar & TouchID, but the physical device itself has horrible travel, picks up dirt, and if my hands are messy from eating chinese food with my hands - then the black rubs off. I swear down, i've had two keyboards from them so far that have the Cttrl/S/V/C keys rubbed out. I got them replaced, i'll try and find photos with my phone.

So, to start off, as it's back-to-school week, i'll go with the perfect schoolbag keyboard.

Logitiech Keyboard-to-go

OK, this thing is the size of the iPad mini, and as thick as piece of 600gsm cardboard, covered in a sort of felt fabric. There is next to no travel, but it's still there, which means you can touch type on this thing - unlike a virtual keyboard (that on iPad Mini takes up too much of the screen). This means it fits in your gadget bag nice and easy. Thee is a flex to this device too, I dare not tempt fate, but it's enough there. Because of it's size, it has no sort of 'stand' for your device, but my device's cover has a stand; and I also have a fold-out stand too.

It only has one Bluetooth connection, So if you're switch from Phone to iPad etc, you need to re-pair, but i'm cool with that because the process is easy. You just hold down the bluetooth button and go into settings. Or if you're not switching, you simply turn it on. Hashtag Simplez. 

All in all, I wouldn't want to use this device all day every day, but i'd prefer it to a virtual keyboard. It makes a great "I got an hour to spare, i'm in a cafe, so let's type away". You can semi use it on your lap too, so connect it to your Apple TV (other TV units available; from all good stockiest; etc). 

It's also wipe/spill proof, and comes in a series of colours too - I like the Red personally.

This keyboard can be found for about £15 second hand on ebay, and I would have adored to use this at school. Pair this up with an iPad Mini or iPad 2018 normal, and you've got the perfect classroom series of gizmos.

A downside to this is that larger hands won't like this at all, and remember, this is not a primary keyboard, it's a portable one; double-portable, like, for your tablet-computer. I wouldn't want to spend all day every day on this, but a few hours is perfectly fine.

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