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FreeStyle Libre – Diabetic Monitor (Leave it in and forget it)

I'm essenchally Type1 Diabetic. I'm kind of boarderline. It came after spending over 6 months of steriod medication.

What really buggered me about it was the pin-pricking, and this is a sollution to that. I hated having to do the following routen 6-8 times a day.

What I have to do using Usual Pinpricker

But with the Abbots Libre Freestyle system - which is available at some GPs but not others #PostcodeNHS, I got to ONCE every TWO WEEKS buy a new sensor that's £57. That's over £100 per month. But it's worth it to me, compared to the following....

What I have to do with the Libre instead.

It's not just the action of pin-pricking, it's that it takes you out of your zone.

It's not just the 5 minutes or so of the original one, it's the fact that it takes you away from whatever you're doing. It's like that annoying person, Jane from Accounting; at work who always interrupts you the moment you're "In the zone", to ask you some irrelevant question. Imagine being in a big important meeting and every 5 minutes someone asks you some inane irrelevant question like your name or what the green marker means compared to the blue... you lose your place. It's also one less thing to keep in your bag.

I don't like, it stings a bit when it first goes in, but once it's in, you don't feel it at all - after a minuite, you won't know it's there. And then when it comes to testing youself, you just hold your phone up (on the iPhone X, use the camera bump as a guide- it's roughly there that you need to hold it).

Anyway, back to me and faublous things and how to set it up.

This is what you get in the box

there are two units, the thing with the tinny-tiny needle (like, seriously, it's so small that you can't see it very well). And then there is the applicator.

You press down one unit into the other, and it kind of slots into place so you can't do it wrong - there is runners that does it all for you.

How to Install & what you get.

How all you've got to do is put the alchole wipe (again, not exactly a mojito in there), that you wipe tour arm with, and then press down the applicator on. 

You should put oit on the fat of your and toward the upset of the upper arm (ie, your bingo wings should you have any. So here I am, applying the applicator after boozing my self up

How to Install

I can't take a photo of me doing the app, because that's what I wuse to take photos. But you'll have to trust me, all I do is open the open the app; then first time it'll say wait an hour, and then it'll scan every tiem.

IF I could wish one thing, it was what that this was capable with Apple Health. Or the Apple Watch - except that would be awquard AF and i'l be doing the Funky chicken menovour to get that working.

Ao Finally, the points, 9/10. 

This is not 10/10 because A I have to pay £56 a month and it not being capable with Apple Health.

But all in all, if I can afford all the shit I buy, then I can afford this and cut down on the other shit. And if if it's good enough for our Prime Minister, it's got to be good enough for lil'ol'me.

That's it, hope you enjoy, xx.

Written by: Paul

AKA: Pauly PP Pops Gonz Double Pee P4ulypops

I’m into Food, Tech & Dogs – and a few others bits ‘n pieces.

I create bits of the internet; just like the one, you’re watching – or watching; depending if this is a video or not.

Please do get in touch if you think I can help 😀

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