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Oh wow, this is going to be hard to tell, i’ve still got to make the site, but here are some general stuff.

Front End

Front End

CSS, Javascript (ES16, Vue, React, Angular, jQuery, Vanilla), and HTML5 (as everyone should). Using to make sure I can realistically use what i’m making – for example, some stuff can’t work on some browsers. Yes, Still. And I’m looking at you Internet Explorer.

I use Webpack/Grunt/Gulp, SCSS/Less, Babel, ESLint to speed things up and make sure that everything goes tickity-boo.

Then there is Git, Bower (RIP), NPM, BrowserSync, PhoneGap, cordova etc – to make everything works right

Back End

MySQL, PHP 7.1/2, WordPress (I ❤️wordpress), Blade, and anything Javascript based.

Server End

This is where I fall short, but I can setup Digital Ocean and AWS. Otherwise, best call someone else in for this bit.