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Getting more Bang for your Buck :: UK Edition

Everyone loves a bargain. The knowledge that you can get something for cheaper than someone else paid, bings a little tinge of smugness to the face - and everyone loves a bit of smugness now and then - don't lie, you do. admit it. AaAAAaaaadmint IT.  That something that cost you £99 when they’re £140 in the shops. He thill of getting the polystyrene package in the post with your name on it that you only ordered less than 24 hours ago. The joy of looking at your download list of movies now includes all 27 Fast and Furiouses - when your mate just has the ones staring Van Deasil. 

... And i’m No different.

CheapCharts (iTunes and Amazon discounts)

Deals off of iTunes (including books and audio books) and Amazon Digital Services (such as Kindle). I use CheapCharts app for this. It’s super handy, and keeps you updated on content you like. You put in your favorite movie character, Big Will form Lil Phil; I generally pay about £5 for my items on iTunes, and they’re viewable on every screen I own. Only downside is that the iOS version won’t let you pick Amazon services; that I know of - I could have missed a setting; but the Android version did have it. And once some flick with Ray Winstone comes up, it'll alert you. It'll also show you a daily list of everything they got going.

Some examples of stuff i've gotten off the back of the digital van; 15 Deamworks films for about £25 (Including all the Shrek, train your dragon & Madascar movies). There are also bunches of when films are sequals/trillogies where you want one but for a few quid more you can have both.

My only sugestion though is that is it's a new film DO NOT PRE-ORDER IT if you want it's prequals too - most films when they come out, have a bundle. I pre-ordered Avengers but I could have had all 3 if I waited until release to buy them,. Le'sigh never mind.

HotUKDeals - App & Website

This has to be my fave website and app. Everyone uploads whatever deals they come across online or in shops, then people give that item ‘heat’. Starts off on 0deg and goes up’n’down hot or cold, depending on how people vote. I presume they can fill up affiliate links do they make money off of you; bastards, but sweet adorable bastards who give you cheap stuff; but the prices on this, but it’s a great way of finding special deals - both for specific things (Headphones) and non-specific things (Sony MX1000 M2).

You can also get voucher codes, search for what is 'hot' rather than 'new', 'remove expired items' from he list.

All in all, it's an impulsive buyer's wallet-dream.

👨‍🎤🎵Google, google, go ahead and google it. If you want bargans, if you want deals. These discount prices, will give you a chill 🎵.

I know it sounds so simple, but if you fancy a pizza and it's come to £20 for a savoury doughnut with itailian sauce cheese & a tiny pot of fillings... why not go for a "Spend £30 from "Le'Pizza avec mon franchise; and get 30% off" - might as well fill your tank all the way and get the £10 worth of items for free. 

I won't screen shot google, I'm sue you all know how it works. And if you don't, you just send me an email with he long number on your credit card, along with the expirey date and number at the bottom.

Quidco and TopCashback

OMG, these are so good. In fact, let me give you my referal code - this is the only referal code i've used on here.

My refferal code - please sign up, even if you don't use it. It scores me a few bob. But we're still tight bro'/sis', if you CBA.

Here you can get a discount by buying through them. They have loads of the major brands on there for household stuff, such as heating, broadband, day to day shopping, all sorts. You sign up (hopefully using the above code), and htey'll send you cash in about 6 months. What I do is open up FireFox and go to some kind of or; and find on there the best deal going. Then I switch back to Chrome, where I go into quidco, find the company i'm going for, and make my orer.

I literally am not paying a single penny more for anything that I wasn't buying anyway, and I get a few bob out of it. Sometimes it can take a month or two for the money to appear, but at first it appears on your Activity - maybe an hour after - sometimes it'll say £0.00 but don't worry, in a month or two later, it'll jump up to the real price and you can take it out.

You can also get a few % more if you output into a voucher for a specific company (eg, a Prezzo Pizza place might have a voucher that give you your £100 + 5%.) Personally, I like the cash, but any of the vouchers that i'm interested in, I don't get enough of a % to warrent getting a voucher instead of cash

But what if it's one per household and I want to use it again?

A lot of these places use email addresses to say who's who. So your first step is to setup a new email address. Now there is a simple trick that most email providers allow for you to do disposable extra emails. This is handy for tracking things, so if you do "", then that 'pizza express' bit you get an email from in 4 years time from some random newsletter - you know pizzaexpress sold your data.

This is even easier if you own your own domain name (like ), you can have a "Catch All" address so they all go to the same place, my main email, but I can put what I like before the @ and still get it. so , they all go to the same place.

So anyway, all you got to do is sign up again on a new address. Perfect for if you don't care about keeping your previous account (ie, I wouldn't do this to Amazon, Neflix or Spotify because i'll lose all my content  - but i'm more than happy to do this to somewhere I don't normally shop, such as Bently4u, as I would ant to customise my bently anyway. - if it means i'm starting from scratch on their cusotmiser, then so be it.

"If it Flys, Floats or Fucks - you rent it".. they say.... so I think i'll just rent out my Golfstream and use new email addresses each time so I can get the 10% discount.  

Me, I'm quoting myself.

What about becoming an 'influencer' on instagram/YouTube so I can get free stuff that way?

This takes a lo to hard work and dedication, I know people who have spent thousands on stuff to show and haven't made it. I'd like to try this myself, a lot of them though buy users - you can tell by the response rate. Anyone who deals with Influencers knows when they're telling porkies or not.

The time and effort won't be worth it it here. And you might end up being "Hated on the internet" - one wrong move, one wrong email, and you'll make the viral pages such as when The Moose Cafe let rip into some youtube star here. 

Written by: Paul

AKA: Pauly PP Pops Gonz Double Pee P4ulypops

I’m into Food, Tech & Dogs – and a few others bits ‘n pieces.

I create bits of the internet; just like the one, you’re watching – or watching; depending if this is a video or not.

Please do get in touch if you think I can help 😀

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